Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry

To participate in this registry: Registration should take place as early in the pregnancy as possible and prior to any knowledge of the pregnancy outcome. Healthcare providers are encouraged to notify the registry staff of ongoing pregnancies where exposure to a registry medication has already occurred.

Healthcare providers can obtain interim registry results and register patients by calling the registry project office directly at 1-800-258-4263 (toll-free) or (910) 256-0238 OR for an enrollment form and more information on the registry you may wish to visit the registry web site at

The registry office is located at:

Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry
Registries and Epidemiology, INC Research
Research Park – 1011 Ashes Drive
Wilmington, NC 28405
1-800-258-4263 (toll-free) or (910) 256-0238
fax at (800) 800-1052 or (910) 256-0637

Information collected at the time of registration includes timing, dose, and duration of the drug exposure,estimated date of delivery, and sufficient contact information to allow for follow-up of the subsequent pregnancy outcome. Measures are in place to protect patient confidentiality. The registry advocates the use of an identifier (not patient names) assigned by registry for the purpose of obtaining follow-up information.Around the patient's estimated date of delivery a short follow-up form is sent to the registering healthcare provider to report on the pregnancy course and outcome. An interim report for each registry is prepared semi-annually following an independent review of data by a scientific advisory committee with expertise in obstetrics, teratology, epidemiology, pediatrics, internal medicine, clinical genetics, and the relevant therapeutic areas.This report is made available to interested healthcare providers upon request by calling the registry.

Registration Form and Instructions for Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry. (PDF format)

Follow-up Form and Instructions for Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry. (PDF format)

Most recent interim report for Antiretroviral

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